Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happiest of New Years

Hello Readers,

Wish you all a Very Happy New Year. Let the Year give u fresh hopes and motivate to achieve what u aspire! Love to all and may there be peace, prosperity and happiness all over :):).

I was thinking to post another before penning down  the New Year wishes. I am at home with my family, so you can expect how pampered and spoiled I am now. Hence, laziness dominates my intention to sit straight n type few lines. Well, moving on from my laziness, I would want make some New Year resolutions. If you wonder, if ever I have followed all my resolutions, I would say "yes partly" ;).  Whatever, this year's resolutions are a little tough and need a lot of determination and of course dedication. The resolutions which needed so much description are Accountability( which I am worse at), Early to Bed & Early to rise( the toughest) and Launching my Dream (can't disclose more now..let your curiosity ponder on this page ). So please wish me luck folks :)

Okay, coming to the New Year Party fun...I hope you all had a rocking time welcoming the New Year. I had a good one too..this time its family time. After 5 long years, I have spent the New Year party with Family. But, I can't conclude before relishing my memories of 2011 New Year Gala at London Eye which was by far the best ever New Year fun I had.  If you are based in UK or planning to visit UK, you better plan to spend your New Year night in London...I am sure you will have a best night.

Once again, wishing you all a Happiest of New Years.



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