Tuesday, February 21, 2012

News News!!!

Hello Pals,

To me it appears that I have come back to this space after ages. Lots of stuff in my mind waiting to be penned down, but I am seriously running out of time for this..hate to say so but thats true.
Let me share this wonderful news with you all, I got married to my long time boyfriend on 25th of Jan. (will post a picture soon) Since then I have been super busy getting settled with the new tag that I have got ;) Its quite exciting to enter a new phase and a new family. And of course a new city too...Yes a new City!!!
This news which makes me sad at the moment I think of it,.... I am no more a Londoner, moved back to Home Land. Now currently based in the Silicon Valley of Asia, Bangalore. I have written earlier how much I love London, it was very hard to leave the place and it always beckons me. If at all I am gonna take a vacation, then my first destination will be London. Let me pause the buzz about my obsession here and continue with the news.
Since me and my husband moved to Bangalore, I have been travelling around the city like a localite. Having said that, I am not familiar at all with the city. But my new job requires me to meet people so often so that I can't stay put in one place. But, when it comes to the City of Bangalore...I never imagined in my wildest dreams that this city would be this crowdy and messy. Apart from city my work seems good enough as of now. The best and exciting part is that I am finally in a space where I wanted to be. I will soon come up with more details of my work. Till then, please pass on your lovely wishes and lucky charms for my new phase of life and work.


Jyostna Gutta

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