Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Naadaan Parindey or Lafangey Parindey

Hi all,

Are any of you into ornithology..I don't mean in the academic sense but on a casual note. I love spending time in bird watching. They keep me amazed of how much clever they are. We humans always boast of our unique cleverness but we often ignore the living creatures around. 
So the interest of mine made me keenly watch the co-living doves in my parents apartment. When I wrote, co-living, I mean it..not a deliberate act. The ventilation apertures and large pipe orifices housed them securely. While they found their safe houses, they inhabited along with the residents in the building. In return to the favor of housing them, the building residents received extra burden of cleaning the dove waste and bearing the loud squeaks and chirps in the night, which sometimes scared the hell out of a lonely resident. But, these doves were never shooed away  by the residents of the building. The window panes, sills, ventilators were spoiled to the extent of which even the acid cleaners couldn't get rid of their poo poos and nestling waste. Tired and vexed of cleaning, the building residents searched for alternative plans. The doves were so clever that they always understood humans and humans were so ignorant of this. The resident who cursed these birds were more prone to their waste. This was lately realized by the residents and by that time the damage was already done. So, all was well for these parindey until the building committee decided to get the building painted. This will include cleaning and scrubbing of all the bird poo poos as well. While, the painters had a tedious job to work on...they decided to first get rid of the resident doves.  As we knew, that doves were considered as the best messengers, one dove which inherited its ancestor's qualities overheard the action plan and passed it over to rest of the flock.
While, some very human residents in the building opined that the painters might hurt/kill the Naadaan parindey, rest of them opined that the decision is good to keep the newly painted building clean. A little girl next door always mourned that these paint jobs will keep her pets away from eating her play kitchen's cuisines. As part of their job, the painters hired professional dove catchers to get the job done. I then only came to know, that there are professionals dedicated for this purpose. One can imagine how dove troubled residents would have created a job for those catchers. Time to trap the doves was set to a fine dark evening when the electricity department's untimely power cuts were active. Then, I have come to know a new thing about the doves that they cannot see in the dark unlike the owls.
Tick Tock Tick...the operation dove had started, surprisingly, there were no doves seen in the building, not even at their nests. The catchers had a  tough time running around the building for more than 2 hours to find one at least. Tough luck, there was not one in the building. While residents of the building were happy more than being surprised as they thought the doves flew away scared of being caught...the little girl who petted the doves started to cry "naadaan parindey ghar aajha". It was sure a peaceful night for all except for her. But whoever woke up to hear the squeaks, at first assumed that they were still in the impression of the life they lead till yesterday with doves co-existing with them. Sadly, they were wrong. The Parindey flew back to their nests. So for all those who assumed them to be naadaan,...they proved them that they are lafangey. The little girl assumed that the doves heard her song and flew back to momma. This flew out and flew in actions repeated until the operations were stopped by the catchers.
Ignoring these cunning doves, the painters did their job. The building was re-painted giving aesthetics to the dove nests as well. I think the doves might have been bored with the same location for ages...so the nests were moved to different places in the same building. Is it only the humans who can afford to get their houses painted and give them a new look, even the doves can do it in a different style, proved the lafangey parindey. Even the little girl who petted them so well, admitted that her pets were cunningly smart!!!



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