Saturday, November 24, 2012

26/11...A Remembrance

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Wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! For all those lovely friends who have immensely supported and made my stay a memorable one in America, I shall always be grateful for your love. I miss shopping in this season. Especially the Black Friday sale...I don't know why its prefixed black, it should be called a colorful Friday indeed... at least for shopaholics like me. Galleria Mall Houston, was almost like weekend home to me.  Only a fellow shopaholic can understand what I crib about.

26/11..what reminds us is the worst ever massacre that happened after the 1993 bombing fiasco in Mumbai. My heart goes out for all those victim families. What horrifying marks it would have left in those victims who have witnessed it and struggle to get out of the tragedy till date. I still remember the day...I was at the office( in America) and my colleague who was an avid news watcher rushed to me reporting that Mumbai was burning...I was shocked to hear the news. To my dismay, the visuals of the burning Taj hotel were displayed in news websites. The initial news that came out seemed a bizarre  Only after few hours, its understood that it was  another terrorist attack and hundreds of people were killed and injured. The next day, all of my office folk came rushing to my desk asking about the attacks. They were all worried whether it was going to be another 9/11 tragedy. By then., the exact no.of casualties was also not known. It was very disturbing...the entire day seemed gloomy although I was miles away from Mumbai and none of my relations were there. But, as a fellow human, it struck me. My colleagues who were all non Indians had great concern about this incident. Lot of them recollected the 9/11 tragedy.
Renovated Taj Hotel, Mumbai
When facts came out after a while ago, and the video was released with the prime criminal Kasab's confession, my heart moaned for the victims again. And many questions pondered in my mind.They were all absolutely innocent and had nothing to do with those conflicts. Killings would never do a least favour to those terrorist organisations who planned this massacre. What do they expect out of some random crowd in some random corner of the country being bombed or shot?? Will that bring any sort of relief to their so called "ideals" in the name of Islam?. Its a shame that they use Islam and defame the entire Islamic community with these atrocities. In fact they are not Islamic and do not belong to any race on the planet...because even the wild kill only when they are hungry. These nameless and shameless beasts kill for the pleasure of it and attribute a useless motive to their acts.
Kasab who was one of the attackers, confessed that he was psychically incepted to carry the act of violence, he was exploited of his poor economic situation and he was a mere killer robot for the operators.  While this could be partly true..therez an irony in this confession. If they were very well incepted to kill, they could have been well inducted to hide the truth in order to camouflage the secrets of the actual source. So his confessions cannot be completely true according to me. Most of the time, we only concentrate the face of the violence as we often ignore the sources which instigate this behind. Its more important to curb the sources and of course punishing the criminal is also necessary.
When Kasab was hanged couple of days ago, there were people who have opposed his hanging..that he was a mere killer machine and hanging him would not suffice anything. I want to say that, let him be a machine or a tool, he has to be terminated/disabled for the destruction that has been done. If not for those humane people who plead for mercy to him, but at least for those victim families, hanging him was totally justifying. After the innumerable trails and errors and wasting lot of time and money on this mere machine, our government had finally executed the punishment which I opine is very late yet a must. 
The martyrs who have lost their lives fighting this violence need a special mention here. They have not only saved the citizens lives but protected a nation's security from being ceased by 2 nameless folks who were on a killing spree. In spite of the cold reaction from the government towards the martyr's families, we the people will be always grateful for their bravery.
As always, there has been a war of words between the two nations following these attacks. How can we attribute the crime to the entire nation when few individuals were responsible. In that case, we have to blame our nationals too who have housed those terrorists and helped them execute their task. And we have to blame our security system for not keeping proper vigilance at those susceptible ports through which these terrorists entered. Also the over excited media which filmed the incident and telecasted it live giving an access to the operators and criminals to escape and execute better. 
After 4 years of the violence, we still cannot forget the mayhem. Perhaps it will dawdle around for many more years to come. Although we have not waged a war to destroy the entire nation, we also have not curbed the sources in its entirety too.
May the souls of the victims who lost their lives rest in peace and may those victims who sustained injuries come out of the trauma soon. Lets hope and wish such tragedies never happen in future not just to our nation but to any other nation in the world. Let there peace and harmony!



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