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Cleanse the roots to grow a Saner Tree

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This year 2012 was predicted as dooms year as the Mayan Calendar ended by 21st, 2012. However, that turned out to be false. Many disbelieved, while many believed and many did both. I fear it would end before it was supposed to as it is quite evident how much we abuse our planet. Sharing this heart touching video about our planet. You will get to know where we are heading in the name of development. HOME

With the series of incidents taking place around us, I often start thinking how we are so stubborn and emotionless to many things that happen around us. We never stand up and question the wrong. Even when of one of us dare to do so, the rest of us hardly support that one voice. Better late than never...After the Delhi issue, there were severe protests to bring out stern laws to punish the culprits. While it is commendable that many women took to streets to voice their support for a girl who has undergone worst torture, I wonder why is that they turn out be violent. Of course, the government's lagged response and no affirmation on any of the protesters' demands is something that triggers violence. But, in my opinion, violence sidelines the main issue rather than doing any good for the actual demand.

There are thousands of crimes happening in the country against women. I don't think capital punishment alone would change everything. Every time something as such happens, and we have take to streets and remind our leaders for assertive action and does that solve the problem. Not really and not completely. Gandhiji said India gets real freedom only when a woman can walk fearlessly in the midnight hour. Forget about the midnight hour, mid-day hour is also not safe currently. Right from the 3yr old child to a 55yr old female, none of the women are exceptional when it comes to abuse. If the laws only were stringent, can we assume that solves everything? If women are not safe in their own homes, one can imagine how it would be outside the abode. This is not just about the laws, rules and regulations. It’s all about the mindset that we have been soaked in for ages.

From centuries ago till today's age many mothers start preaching their daughters do's and dont's more than they do this with their sons. Daughters were always taught to be cautious while sons are allowed to wander at their wish. So, if a women is alone, she is considered not safe as she might encounter any danger most probably by a man. I don't think any mother preaches her son how to behave with a girl. Forget the gender, at least teach your son to respect humanity as a women is also a human. Frankly, this will never be discussed considering it was inherently known to the son by birth or may be considered as a taboo. I don't understand this entire concept of preaching the females only. It’s okay to give cautions to the females but not at all okay to curtail her liberty. But, when a disgusting incident happen, we talk a lot about the capital punishments and castrations within the family with no taboos, but why can't we teach our males to be sensitive towards women. 

Before thinking of the capital punishments and change of rules and laws and going on streets and shouting slogans, all the mothers of young sons, please sit down with your own son and discuss the problem. Not just the mothers but the fathers please do not show your male dominant ego at your wife and portray yourself as a hero because you can control a woman. Beware that your son idealizes you first before he gets out and learns something else from the society. So, please be careful on what you say and what you do before blaming any outsider. And, of course our stereotyped society which have been light years away from a ‘change’ in thought process. Our society keeps blaming /sympathizing the women more than the men who have been responsible for it. The men, no matter whatever nonsense they do, it all fades away in few days and they enjoy all the rights and freedom that they had earlier. But, the women have to hide in burrows, cover their faces, and forget to live. Most of us say it aloud, that woman has no life after rape/abuse but we never say a man has no life. This is the most critical problem why a man tends to show his strength/ego/masculinity on a woman. If it was the reverse, I don't think any male would dare to resort to any abuse. Because, he can get away with it easily, he doesn't care to commit a crime. We talk about imprisoning, castrating, amputating, but we never talk about evicting them from the society and social living. 

Agitations, protests, blame games and any other violence will not do any good unless we first change our mindset. Let women live their lives with as much as liberty that men get to and take the attitude out which is considering women are weak or should be sympathized or can be taken for granted as and when needed. 

At the same time, please exclude the sane men from the list of abuses that we woman folk give. And now don’t ask whose so sane among the men, it might be your own father, brother, husband, acquaintance etc.,

Because the problem has gone too far, I opine the cleansing mission should also start from the roots. Start preaching your sons at home first that before she is a woman she is a human and she deserves every right that you deserve. The next step should be protesting for stringent laws.

Wishing at least the next gen will witness a safer and saner society!!



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