Saturday, January 5, 2013

HAPPY 2013

My dear Readers,

Wish you all a very Happy, Prosperous and Green New Year. 

New year is the time for new resolutions and new plans. While you have your own resolutions & plans, please include something more to your list, just to contribute your part to the Green Planet.

Sharing some 10 wonderful ways to go green.

[Courtesy: ZED]

1. Install Solar Water Heater: If you have an electric hot-water heater and an unshaded, south-facing location on your property, consider installing a solar water heater. 
2. Buy Local Materials: Look for local materials to save money and energy on your own transportation. And whenever possible, buy recycled, secondhand, reclaimed, or waste timber. 
3. Use Native & Adaptive Landscape: Try to replicate this in your garden with a combination of tall trees (pines or sycamores, for instance), smaller trees and tall shrubs (maples, cherry trees, magnolias, hydrangeas, mountain laurel), shrubs (boxwood, burning bush, junipers), groundcover (grasses and creepers), and a litter layer of leaf matter, fallen branches, logs, and rocks. 
4. Cultivate a Pantry Garden: A kitchen garden can be a source of fresh herbs for daily cooking. 
5. Duplex paper print: The simplest way to cut down paper use is by "duplexing," or using both sides. 
6. Use Indoor Plants: The air inside a sealed, energy-efficient building can be 25 to 100 times more polluted than outside. Indoor plants are natural air filters, absorbing airborne pollutants and radiation from computers while replenishing oxygen levels.
7. Use a Shopping Bag: Take a reusable bag when you go shopping, and say "no" to plastic bags offered at shops and grocery stores.
8. Use eco friendly packaging: For eco-efficient and fully biodegradable food packaging, choose fresh fruits and vegetables.
9. Reduce ur SUV Travels: It takes about 35 medium-sized trees to offset the carbon emissions released into the atmosphere by the average SUV driving 15,000 miles each year.
10. Reduce/Avoid Air Travel: Probably the single worst thing you can do for the environment is to jet around for business or vacations. The best way to help offset the greenhouse gases your travels create is to support programs, such as renewable energy and energy-saving projects, which will help reduce the C02 emissions created by such air travel.

Start at least three of the above today and make a greener change! 



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