Sunday, January 20, 2013

Unity or Diversity???

Hello Readers,

New Year is here, and we all would have one or more resolutions for ourselves. This time, I wanna add another to the list that is not for me but for the people I know...especially all the busy bees out there. Never be too busy for the people who care about you...coz by the time you realize they care for you, it might be too late.

India has always been the nation with diversified cultures and traditions. We as Indians have learnt to pledge to treat our fellow Indians as brothers and sisters right from schooling. However, once we are out of school we begin to learn the actual society which shows the flip side of the story. Everywhere we go, the questions about our identity keeps bothering us. And, then starts the bug in our mind trying to incline and bias according to the gender,sect, caste, religion, language, community etc; The bug inside makes us stupid day by day. Before we realize the damage will be done, and we turn out almost incurable. With this incurable and growing stupid bug inside, we transmit this ideology to another person/group. The stupidity intensifies and expands to the next generations. This has been a vicious cycle since decades. Why is that the neutral feelings that we have in childhood tarnish as we grow older? It is said that we grow wise with age, why doesn't this apply to us???

Our political leaders are an epitome of representing this stupidity at a higher level. Why don't they remember the high school history lessons about the 'divide n rule' attitude which allowed the British to conquer India??? But, the politicians seem to never learn a lesson from the independence struggle. We call ourselves worlds largest democracy and irony is that there is no democracy in real. From grass roots to the top level, everywhere we divide ourselves into infinite number of groups in the name of sect, caste, religion, language, economical, communal and what not. The smallest of reasons is enough for us to create a group and divide ourselves. Our leaders exploit this divide and tear us apart for their selfish motives. This is very much known to every citizen in the nation. However, we still remain so reluctant to change.

Indeed, we are happy to get divided in all possible ways. Since childhood I have been hearing two versions. One says Hindu Muslim bhai bhai and another is Hindu vs Muslim. Brotherhood is okay but why are we pitching against each other. While there are many efforts to unite these two religions, there are equal no of efforts to create a rift every now and then. In a secular country like ours, is it not contradictory to have parties in the name of religion or caste??? We still call ourselves what way are we secular??? If we are secular we should be tolerant. If we are tolerant, we would have never witnessed the worst of bomb blasts and riots in the name of religion. We have been neutral to both other words, we do tolerate other religions and we do riot to the slightest of disturbance. This leaves a confused expression to me most of the time..are we united or divided??? May be we are the kind of folks who say something and do something else. To the world outside, we are united and to nation inside we are divided. Divided into infinite no.of groups. You name it, we have it!!!

I wish we have more tolerance to each other and not let the selfish motives creep in, in the name of religion, sect, caste, language, etc to exploit us. Especially, when we vote, it is vitally essential that we put the individual priorities aside and assess the reality!




  1. I do not know how many in our society believe or consider the concept of 'Hindu Muslim bhai bhai', I'm quiet against to it. I can never consider a Muslim as my brother/sister. I have many Muslim friends and I respect them, but the feeling of bhai bhai NEVER!! I'm in fact a strong supporter of communalism. Why do we need all these religions in our country, we are people of Hindustan, so only Hindus have to live in this country.

  2. Well, I am quiet the opposite...religion is always secondary to me. As long as the person is in good terms with me, religion is never an issue. In fact i have a god-daughter zaarah, a muslim kid who has a very prominent place in my life. Her religion was never a problem to me. I think stating that only Hindus should live in Hindustan is kinda too extreme. If countries like USA, UK etc have had such rules...our nationals can never make homes there.

  3. There is a group called neo nazi, I hope you know their ideology. You know racism in UK, then why not I have an ideology of Muslims free nation. As I already said I too have Muslim friends, but still I don't want them around me in my country.

  4. If that is the case I guess we will have endless communities and endless restrictions. And we shouldn't even live in Bangalore, coz we don't hail from here...who knows tomorrow there would be a Bangalorean community which says 'only for natives'. At some point, we cannot step out of our houses if everybody starts a slogan 'me n mine'. Anyways its ur personal opinion...but to me there should be tolerance!! As Swami Vivekananda said "Hinduism is one religion which is the most tolerant of all, that it can soak any religion's ideologies and still remain independent" and as you know he is the only religious preacher who called for "universal brotherhood". I believe in that, and I am obviously proud to be a Hindu :)