Monday, March 11, 2013

Commercial 'Break'

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Alrighty, in my last posts I have mentioned about world famous sportsmen roped in controversies, thereby demotivating the sportsmen spirit and people who look up to them for inspiration. After Lance Armstrong, Oscar Pistorious, now its our country's Olympic medalist Vijendar Singh. Although not entirely into the issue at this point, it appears like sooner or later he would also be tagged in one. Wish it otherwise though.

Picture of the post is celebrating an incredible women artist's wonderful artwork. This was taken on Queen's walk area on the banks of River Thames in London., the lady on the right has done this beautiful masterpiece on the road side. Isn't it amazing???

How many of you are TV buffs??? A lot, I guess. Not me...I swear not me! I was, of course. Long ago, before I went to the states, but once disconnected from the idiot box, I find it really hard to be glued back to it now. For those shows which cannot be patiently watched on TV,I resort to the YouTube which has become the substitute for TV these days.  Also for those shows which aren't telecasted in India.

If you are regular TV viewer, you are not new to the bugging TVCs (TV Commercials) in midst of an interesting/favorite show. They weren't so bugging and boring in the early 90s. I am sure many of you will agree with me. They were indeed the best and thoughtful commercials. The jingles played along with the commercials were quite popular and still remembered., unlike the present commercial jingles which are forced upon the viewer. If you argue that even today the jingles are very popular, I have to say yes, but only because they were played too many times, over the phone, in the internet, in the malls,...wherever you go they haunt you. Earlier commercials were known for their smart and crisp narration along with catchy phrases which have been circulating among humor groups for ages. And, the tag lines were very relative to the product they were promoting. The present commercials can be termed as heights of stupidity, obscenity and above all darn boring. The repeat telecasts of the same commercials over a hundred times within few hours makes any viewer go crazy. If you ask an average viewer why do you want to change the channel, you would hear an obvious answer, because it was a commercial break.

I could recollect, how eagerly I used to wait for an ad both for its music and the interesting content. Now, I started hating TV because of the crazy commercial break nonsense. Because many people like me aren't watching TV, and resort to the YouTube, the commercial breaks creeped in to the this portal as well. Earlier, the breaks were optional on YouTube  viewers have had a choice to skip, now most of them have spammed the videos that you have no choice but to wait on. The mobile phones aren't an exception. The mobile companies can bug you like mad, if you chose not opt out of their special customer services. They start very pleasing and get on your nerves eventually with endless list of questions probably you have never even answered in a competitive exam. The nonsense doesn't end there, the name of promotions, the knock your doors too or scratch your back at a mall to scare the hell out of you. Or you can find some pretty girls in skimpy skirts luring you to buy a phone, soap etc., at malls and commercial centers. 'Too much of anything turns poisonous' quoted Lord Budha, but our marketing folks say it otherwise.

The FMCG are the biggest culprits when it comes to the annoying ads and promotions. Over advertising and boring content can actually kill a good product in my opinion. Just because you have trumpeted some hundred times, I wouldn't want to buy a product that I never wanted to. And above that, the boring content can never woo people today who have been exposed to the international market. I think the ad companies have stopped using brains anymore...people are no more brand faithful unlike the old times when our parents have stuck to the same brand for ages. Now, a smart ad can woo people out of their regular interest. A lot of them indeed buy and try new products mostly because, the attractive commercial or the attractive packaging. But to have loyal customers, I think the key is its content which should be unique and upgrade with changing trend.

Anyways, if one has to list the most annoying commercials in my opinion these days there will not any space. Most of these are repeated at least a hundred times in a day. Oh..Oh..not any more!!!!!

But here are few snips of the some all time best commercials

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