Thursday, March 14, 2013

Freebies??...seriously sleazy

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Spring is here, so much colour, so much vibrance, the weather seems a little hotter than usual here in Bangalore, but the full bloomed trees around holds the flavor of the season. Can't wait more blooming n brightness.

Picture of the post is very much spring's favorite flowering worldwide, the cherry blossoms. Pictured in Kew Gardens, London, these pink blossoms are my most favorite.

Free Free soon as this tag catches our eye, we rush in to find what it is and grab one without asking why it is free? This is most common human syndrome...we can't ignore the freebies. Just because they are free they need not be useful or attractive. Just the term 'free' associated with it is all worth the pain to grab it. We don't mind the long queues, claustrophobic lanes, crowded malls, long waits anything will be withstood. With the same craze for freebies, we often run behind those masquerades who in the name of free schemes cash this vulnerability in us. 
Just like the big businesses when under pressure tend to offer discounts, freebies and attractive offers to lure the customers, those masquerades also follow similar strategy. All is well as long as the business runs well, it could be because of the quality offered, or the top notch services or for its sheer variety. The free scheme strategies step in only when the business starts sliding down in the market. Proper recovery strategies could be something like inspecting and retrospecting internal flaws. Since this is tedious and involves some serious commitment to be better, and only those businessmen who are quite committed and passionate to keep up their business standards go for retrospection, the rest opt for easy alternatives like free schemes. This is easy because, the proclivity to get freebies never dies down in us. 
Across pan India, so many chief ministers have been vouching many freebies from rice to power, from health to travel, from books to laptops if they were voted. Some of them did keep up their vows..recent freebie event was at UP as you all know. Laptops were the giveaways as part of the event. May be next time, they could giveaway nano cars for those people below poverty level to 'to erase the economic boundaries' as they call it. At least the nano cars will provide some shelter to live, as anyways their economic status will not support them to fuel the car. With such expensive items as giveaways how else can we show gratitude except accepting them to swallow huge chunks of public money to fill in their big bad accounts.
So our tendency to love and enjoy freebies is strategically exploited to its best. We never imagine what they are asking in return or what they are trying to grab in we?? As a cousin of mine said.."why should we? we got what we want and they will take what they want..who cares". Yes we hardly care. That is why they pay big bucks to buy our 'right to chose', other words 'our freedom of expression' is bought and molded as per the buyer's wish. Yet, we don't care..because we aren't smart when it comes to resisting the bait.
Of course, the offers are too alluring to resist...there are color TVs, laptops, free rice, free health, free education etc; To run those free laptops and TVs,there should be power and many states are already in shortage. Hence, the laptops become real piece of poster hoardings (for the ex-CM). When one can't afford a square meal, what else they could do but watch that free color TV with starving stomach. The free health offer for below poverty line people could kick up the other prices high into the sky as even the well put up families use that scheme masking themselves as poor...and free rice scheme could help us accumulate more and just more carbohydrates as other staples will be at unusually high prices. The free education could get any tom dick & harry graduate no matter they are interested or qualified. So where are we heading??? In spite of all these big time side effects, we still can't get over the freebies.
Never do we ask those masquerades to govern us in such a way that we get the basic necessities at affordable prices,stop the worthless schemes which brings the lazy bugs out in us, corrupt free governance that doesn't allow us and them to act as per own wish, and let them know that we cast the votes only on performance basis but not for the gimmicks they play.

Don't you think offering those freebies is sleazy???



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