Saturday, June 22, 2013

Another Dirty Pciture

Apologies, Apologies....I have written in my previous post that I wanted to write more frequently and I was unable to keep up my word. I have a reason but that will not suffice. I guess I have to take Big B as inspiration when it comes to being systematically regular. If you never came across his blog...heres the link to read his daily journal. If you are lucky enough he might reply to your comment as well. Have a look.

Smitha had become popular among all the movie (Indian) goers around the world only after the Dirty Picture than when she was actually acting in films. She was more a rage in south and the northern cinema hasn't known her even after her suicide. Credit goes to Ekta and Vidya for bringing her life to limelight. However her actual real life was far different from what was shown in the film. Smitha has been lesser known by this name. She was more famous for her raunchy screen tag 'Silk'. The dirty picture which was believed to be inspired from silk's reel and real life was only a part of the real picture.  Many do not know that the end of this sexy lady was also due to failed relationship but not just the screen failures. She was indeed in a success streak when she committed suicide. However, the real reasons will always be buried in these cases. It wouldn't be surprising to say that very few know that she was very benevolent and a secret philanthropist. The immense amounts that the producers poured for her raunchy moves on screen were diverted to orphanages that she supported with no publicity. I wish the Dirty Picture covered this part as well. Smitha aside, the same failed relationship and extreme stress was the case with Divya Bharathi, and there were rumours about a famous director who was believed to be behind her suicide case. Another failed relationship case.

Then comes the latest young lady Jiah, who committed suicide due to a failed relationship (as per the 6 page letter she wrote). While showbiz is not an easy industry to handle, the relationship maze is where most of the men/women fumble. Coping up with the break up seems like a cakewalk to many people in the showbiz as per the people who happily moved on and make new bfs/gfs within days of breakups. But there are also sensitive and possessive people who cannot take breakups and failures easily and move on, to such people, showbiz industry can be too cruel as the tabloids don't spare their stress. The stories and associated rumours can be more dangerous than the actual breakup. Even Jiah's death was attributed to her bumpy career in Bollywood before Pancholi's indirect involvement was revealed. This man who was behind her suicide was taken into custody and was even denied. While morally this act may seem right, there is another side of the story. The flip side can be exploited by every other girl or her parents who commits suicide in the name of failed relationship. If the letter is only clue which can imprison a guy, the so called weak minded or black minded girls might take this an advantage as well.

Poor Jiah who left her mortal coil would have undergone extreme stress as per the tearful letter she left to let the world know that her extremely turbulent relation was the major reason for committing suicide. However, it was all assumed that she was also weak to withstand the ups and downs of the career. The Dirty Picture shows an ambitious woman who aspired to ascend high levels in the film industry and who has been tempted to take routes that landed her in illicit relations and stressful life. But in Jiah's case she wasn't so craving for career in Bollywood nor she was crazy about her bumpy rides in Bollywood as per her letter. She was more worried and disturbed about her relation than anything in the world. This case clearly depicts that relations do play a big role in a human's life, just as a happy & cool relation can boost the spirits, a turbulent & infidel relation can completely destroy lives. Jiah's suicide is nothing but another side of Dirty Picture. Who knows if Smitha was also in a good relation, she would have not ended her life.



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