Monday, June 3, 2013

This space beckons

Yessss....I feel like coming back to this space again and again...if you have noticed, I have been on a posting spree since last 2 weeks. If you wonder what is so special about this space??? me this is a soul space! Can there be any better reason than this?
I always think of being very regular, like doing an everyday post like my many other blogger friends. And then I get lazy sometimes or too busy at times :P
But these days, therez so much that I want to vent out, talk it out and rant about, ask me what....hmm random things, some soul spoken lines, and sometimes frustration grrrrrrr.
Anyways, I want to try to be very regular, at least do 5 posts a that too much?? I don't know at least until my inner self pacifies or gets tired, I may be doing so.
I was talking to a friend yesterday, and rarely I come across people who talk some thing above and beyond the generic stuff....and that's when my inner self starts rejoicing. We were talking about how to make it big in spite of all the odds around us. While that was just a discussion, the intentions behind were very very honest. Making it big doesn't necessarily be immense fame/name/status, it could also be something that can inspire at least a few others to be what they dream of to be in spite of the hardships that hurdle them.
I have been battling to do something that I always wanted to, but something else comes in my way....should I accept and move on or should I hang on with what I want to do is the biggest question that ponders in my mind always. The struggle that I go through with these thoughts inside is endless, until when...may be at least until I find a way to implement what I believed or I ignore everything and move on and survive. 
Only a few of you can strike a chord when I say, I hate to do something that I don't believe in, just for the sake of money, status or any other such reason....its like choking my neck with my own scarf. Rest might say accepting and moving on is nothing but survival of the fittest. Well, that is a personal choice.
All I wanna do is write more often, and I hope my readers would enjoy reading my write-ups.



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