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Go woman Go drive

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One of the greatest peacemakers, a true Good Samaritan has left the mortal coil recently. Here's paying Nelson Mandela heartfelt tributes. May his soul rest in peace and may his ideals continue to inspire the world. 

Coming to today's post, it's been sitting on my drafts for a while. I couldn't take time to post case some of the content appears a little dated, please note the reason above.

Go Woman Go Drive
I am amazed at the no. of hits that the video “No Woman, No Drive” has garnered in less than a week of its release on YouTube. I thought the video was very grose mainly for its content. The man who performed in the video is Hisham Fageeh, a comedian from Saudi Arabia and said his intention behind the video was just to entertain. Well, it might be for entertainment but the lyrics were undoubtedly reflecting the true scenario and of course seem offensive towards women. I know given the society norms in Arab countries, it might not be sleazy for a manto demean the women as things which can produce babies. However, for rest of the world it is indeed awkward. I don’t know if it is a curse to be born as a woman in those countries which ill-treat woman and deny their basic rights. India has slightly progressed in this matter but still there are countless villages/small towns which adhere to superstitions that treat woman as a programmed robot to work on instructions. No matter how many laws the government makes, the sad plight of these women hasn’t changed much. Needless to say the culture in Arabian countries is much more critical in this matter. As we know, many other nations with strong influence of the Taliban culture do evoke crude and sometimes dangerous rules against the woman who tend to break the barriers of the stupid superstitions.
Yet there are women who have raised above all the odds, a special mention is to be made about the incredible fighter spirit Malala Yousafzai. This 15 year old captured the world’s attention by standing up for her basic rights against the cruelly powerful Taliban. As we all know she survived one of the worst attacks by the Taliban. The speech she gave at the UN post recovery is one of the best I’ve heard recently. She strongly voiced her rights and entire world was touched, moved and inspired by her attitude. One on end of the world, we have women going to the space, trekking highest peaks, swimming across deepest channelsleading most powerful political and corporate positions., i.e. doing the most difficult jobs that were once designed for men only. On the other end we see the superstitious and mindless rules restricting women to step out of the cocoons. As Malala said it is their insecurity that drives them to behave so cruelly against women. If women are empowered, they cannot stop the progress and they will perhaps no longer hold the power to dictate rules. A journalist who interviewed Malala’s classmates was startled to know what those girls aim for. One of them wants to be an Army chiefanother wants to be an astronaut, and another a fighter jet pilot. None of them seem to be deterred by the dangerous attack on their friend. They were clear in mind and strong to stand up for their rights. It is indeed surprising to see the unshaken spirits of those 15 year olds. As for ages, we have been nurtured to believe that women are weaker sex and they cannot do everything that a man can do.
Another example to quote; there was recent news about the women of Mallila (happens to be a border town between Spanish enclave and Morocco). Apparently, they are called ‘mule women’ as they carry heavy loads weighing up to 60kgson their backs. Most of them are single women who divorced their partners against domestic violence, and working very hard to feed their children. While many would pity their plight, I think it shows the resilience of those women to not give up and proves how strong women can be physically. Another inspiring and powerful example; an entire continent lauds this woman for her contributions. She is Germany’s chancellor, former scientist Angela Merkel. She has been meticulously working to revive theEuropean financial crisis. She also chaired the G8 summit in 2007 and has been instrumental for negotiation of Treaty of Lisbon. She is definitely another Iron lady in making. Recently,she dared to challenge the world’s powerful nation’s spying policies and sent her best men to USA to delegate talks about the same. Coming back to India, our very own young and dynamic IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal braved her way to enforce strict rules against the sand mafia in UP.  Thereafter she was suspended and charge sheeted for doing her duty by the UP government and later revoked the suspension. Coming to the story of a 14year old tribal girl named Nirmala who is famously known as the Tarzan lady in Orissa and Jharkhand states as she saved the villages from the wild elephants in many instances. She was known to converse and convince the elephants to go back to the wild whenever they invade the villages and towns around the forest. When so many forest officials and the technology couldn’t help, this little lady stands up bravely and works her magic. Isn’t it astonishing? And bear in mind that she hails from a tribal family putting our clich├ęd assumptions about tribes to shame.
I can keep quoting many such marvelous examples from recent times about the wonderful women who have crossed barriers, faced harsh criticism and sometimes overcame deadly circumstances to show the world what they are capable of. And finally on the eve of Diwali, how can I miss a mention about the heroic lady ‘Sathyabhama’ from our mythology who fought the demon Narakasura when her husband Lord Sri Krishna fell unconscious during the war. She was known for her attitude and valour. May the women folk be blessed by this God lady and stay inspired from her story. Goddess speed us. Go Woman! Go drive the world!!!

P.S: I am a feminist



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