Friday, January 3, 2014


Happiest of New Years to all dear readers.

2013 has been a year of learning to me. Learnt to endure, explore and many more things. I wish 2014 will be a joyful year and a memorable one too.

Resolution time it is and as usual I made up a list of resolutions. I so wish I accomplish them successfully unlike previous years where I partially accomplished my resolutions. I am sharing them here so I can come back and check this space out and see how many worked with you all as the witnesses.

1.)    Shed some more kilos…I am on a spree to shed kilos which as you all know is not very easy, you gotto eat things which won’t impress your tongue.

2.)    Exercise at least thrice a week…which again is a daunting task as I hardly have time during the weekdays, but I still have to make time.

3.)    Go on a holiday….I have been longing to go on a beautiful vacation but never planned it seriously. This year I shall make it happen!

4.)     To Paint – Off late I am so motivated to do some painting but never managed to make time. This year I sure want to make some time for this.

5.)    To Give – giving is a pleasure; I wanna relive this pleasure by giving to those in need.

6.)    To Save – this is definitely the hardest, I have always been a spendthrift and never idealized the concept of saving until I got some jolts last year, and hence I decided I’ll save some bucks to avoid the risky route.

7.)    To go greener – as an environmental engineer, I had the concern for the environment and I do my little bits, now I wanna take a step further and do a little more.

8.)    To get a driver’s license – to drive in India is not something I would love to do but the necessity makes it mandatory for me to drive….my automatic transmission driving skill will not fetch me a DL, so gotto get the harder way.

I think I already made a long list. Folkies please wish me the best to keep up my resolutions and so will I to you.

Finally herez my mantra for the Happy year & Happy Life

Live with purpose, Say the courageous thing, Celebrate the simple gift & Follow your dreams!!!




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