Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Brand Ambassador??


Its been a longggg while since I wrote...I was not too busy but was a bit out of this to write down something. But am back with a new post. Hereafter, I thought I am gonna add one picture that I clicked for every post of mine...I hope you'll like it.
Today's picture is a rainbow that popped up after a long rainy day at London UK. Dont forget to get your lens ready when the rainbow pops up.

Digging in to the topic I want to express my opinion about....celebrities and controversies go hand in matter how trivial the issue is, it can be blown out of proportion in their case. The same has been happening with the Indian Tennis ace Sania Mirza. Since she has entered the limelight, many controversies have been floating around it the choice of her dress or her outspoken attitude or her choice of life partner. 
While being a public personality its quite common to be surrounded by gossip mongers and rumor columns and several unwanted opinions and advises, it isn’t right to be scrutinized and judged because she chose someone from a country that the nation had been rivals with for a long time. The nationality of her partner has been a topic for discussion every time she comes out on the public platform. Her achievements have never been able to save her out of these controversies. Whom she wants to choose as her life partner is entirely her choice and anyone except her family should have nothing to say. Using her choice of getting married to a man from a rival country as a reason to show that she doesn't suit to hold any positions in this country is absolutely ridiculous. 
And now, the Telangana CM choosing her as brand ambassador for the state has been the most discussed topic in the social networks and in the media. This included unwanted comments and hateful opinions criticizing her for several reasons. The reasons to oppose her as the brand ambassador turned out too harsh and became another reason to expose the mean insecure remarks our people can resort to. The way she had to prove her identity time and again to answer such people is also not encouraging. Whether her being chosen as brand ambassador of Telangana is justified or not, the hateful remarks against her are not appropriate at all.
But, coming to the discussion of Mr.KCR choosing her as brand ambassador of the state,...there can be several reasons why he shouldn't have chosen her in haters opinion but there are definitely many other reasons why she is not the right person to be where she was chosen to be. 
First and foremost reason is comparison with other eligible people who seem to be appropriate to hold the position better than her and who may not be opposed by majority of the public. But Mr.KCR always has been the dictating kind of person who hardly cares about the public opinion and this decision is no less an evidence to that. The questions like what was her contribution to Telangana in particular?? how does she precede many other eligible people? why does she need to be given a huge amount of money if this was something an act done to support the newly formed state as she mentioned in her comments? were answered. The cheque worth Rs 1Cr give to her became equally critical as the person chosen. At the same time, the Olympic medal winner Saina Nehwal who also belonged to the state was not even paid the prize money she was promised. How come this act seems justifying? Instead they could have paid Saina Nehwal her prize money before going for this. But this did not happen leading to more controversy. KCR however seemed deaf ears to all the comments that were being hurled across. Also the hypocritical version of this issue is that, KCR issuing citizen cards to core Telanganites raised questions like when other people who have stayed out of Telangana for different reasons/were not born in Telangana but brought up in there do not fall in to Telaganite category how come a person who was not born in there and is married to a man from different country and stays outside the country is eligible for an honourable post?? Learned Mr.KCR only should answer this.
There were also comments that there are strong political motives behind choosing her...especially to appease the Muslim vote bank, which I think is true. But again, brand ambassador should be a person who can be relatable to the common man of the state...unlike a person who is mostly known only among educated circles. Keeping in view that many rural areas of Telangana are still underdeveloped and disconnected to the happenings around the world, the person should be able to connect with everyone as such only then the brand works…else it would be a namesake post. 
I personally think, though not a Telanganite...this decision of the state to choose Sania Mirza as brand ambassador is not justifying for many reasons. However, hurling abuses and hateful remarks against her nationality is also not right.
The hypocrisy of this topic is that, the people who called Sonia Gandhi as an Italian even after her being married to Rajiv Gandhi and after living in this country for several years, also called Sania as Pakistani….why is Sania who is born and brought up here and won medals for this land not an Indian??? When Sonia who was also born and brought up in Italy an Italian? If Sonia remains an Italian because she was born there, then Sania too remains an Indian by origin no matter where she lives or whom she marries. When Satya Nadella was choosen as CEO of Microsoft, we rejoiced that he was Indian more than anything, in spite of the fact that he is an American citizen although originated in India…and works outside India. Why were we able to acknowledge him as Indian when he doesn’t live or work in India and holds an American Citizenship?? This remains the biggest hypocrisy of our country.
 I think the remarks to oppose the decision should be sensible and secular...otherwise it only proves our intolerance and insecurity. 



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