Saturday, August 9, 2014


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The Ebola epidemic is scaring everyone in and around West Africa. There are studies which say only direct contact of bodily fluids of symptomatic patient will affect another person but the rumors are saying it could be an airborne disease. All in all it is indeed a very serious epidemic which claimed 1000 odd lives in a short span. Reports show that there are ample chances for the epidemic to spread to Nigeria and this place attracts many business people worldwide. Anyone planning to fly around Africa, make sure you avoid the trip. World Health Organization has declared Ebola as International Emergency. The drug to kill the virus is still under research and two infected patients were flown to Atlanta to experiment on the same purpose. While many Americans condemned this act, scientists confirmed as long as there is no direct contact and they are in quarantine zones, there shouldn’t be any spread of it in North America. Anyways it’s time to place our hopes on the scientific miracle, a drug that can kill this dangerous virus.

An eighty year old governor has been sacked from her position for alleged corruption and other maleficent activity charges. She is Kamala Benwal, former Gujarat state governor. Why I was appalled at this news was because the age of the lady was shockingly irrelative to the charges she was said to be guilty of. At her age, I wonder what motivates her to be still corrupt to amass more wealth or still poke into matters that should be almost trivial to her, the state affairs of Lokayukta appointment. Firstly I don’t buy the fact that these aged persons can hold key positions in politics or governance except for sitting on the advisory bench. Now, given her age the row of charges she was sacked for is ascertaining that our politicians (99%) are and will be greedy till their last breath. There was a famous line quoted in one of the regional flicks by a bureaucrat to the chief minister that ‘a politician wants to earn so much that his grand childrens’ grand children can live filthy wealthy lives’. Kamala’s case appears no less than this. Well, the congress as usual alleged that this is political vendetta as she has been their representative for long. But what about the record of misusing government funds for her personal pleasures and trips? There was another lady who can’t be missed when discussing misuse of government funds as she holds a higher caliber of the same. She is none other than ex-president Prathiba Patil…another white clad and veiled embezzler who was famous for her foreign trips at government expense. We cant forget another infamous rather cheap scandal involving another ex-governor ND Tiwari for going to the extent of using Raj Bhavan for exercising his personal pleasures.  If governors and presidents too prove that they are no less than any common politician, how can we expect the system to be in place?

The Half Girlfriend is the new release by India’s biggest selling book writer Chetan Bhagat. This name has almost become a household name today. Needless to mention that this guy had managed to capture the majority stake of the market…not avid book readers though. There have been arguments in almost all social networks about his writing, books and speeches. He has been acclaimed the best by some, thrashed by some and neutrally remained some others. I could see the craze in non-readers to pre-order the book, which proves this is definitely a rocking trend. I have given answers in Quora many a times about Chetan and his writing, many a times I had to brace the bricks and bats from his fans and sometimes I had to receive the comments from the inbetweeners (who remain neutral because that is another trend) backing Chetan and advising me to be like them and so on and sometimes supported by like minders. I still stick to my opinion that this guy is a writer for the masses,. Masses often look for entertainment not the preaching-teaching stuff or more intriguing stuff bores them to death, so this guy being an MBA from IIM identified the gap for a mass product and catered the same, ensuring his place in the shelves with of course a short life span. I often compare his books to the Bollywood commercial flick contents. For those who argue that he is a writer who writes what he likes, I want to say it again that who denied he is not writing what he likes but I will still deny that he is nowhere close to the greatest authors the history has witnessed. And I am not saying this for the sake of criticizing or to show off that I read masterpieces and nor because his intellect is making me insecure. His books are all about love stories, break-up stories and other college gossip stories, which many movies cater….I didn’t find anything new to appreciate hence his books don’t lure me. About the writing style, it dint captivate me either. Anyways to be blunt, he is a mediocre writer and better business man who knows the pulse of the mass and caters what goes well with them.

Next and disgusting story is about a photo shoot by Raj Shetye depicting the nirbhaya issue in the bus. The photos released were shockingly mocking the incident. To take such case as a theme, one should either be totally out of mind or foolishly thinks that people will accept any damn creation. His response seems to belong to the latter. Fashion photos are limited to the magazines and internet most of the time, however the photographer quoted he wanted to throw some light on such incidents…yes he did throw light on that incident but that was totally uncalled for. Especially the designer wear chosen for the female model simply proves the comments made by the senseless true….that revealing clothes are reason for rapes. Intertwining this with the discussion in Rajyasabha yesterday which was regarding child abuse and rapes, one of the MP preached women to wear dignified clothes. His comment may be true to some extent but how does that apply to the context? While he himself has been part of film industry where women are encouraged to dance in skimpy clad clothes and obscene item songs, he came out advising the rest of the women in the country to dress decently. What sexuality does a 5year old has to seduce a beast?? And to make such comment in this context is extremely senseless. We have a bunch of such morons in most prominent it in media or politics. One man thinks showing the rape in fashionable sense is creation and another man thinks traditional wear can keep rapists at bay….out of words for both of these super thinkers.

So the trends are any positive? No right…looks like am also smitten by the media bug which highlights only the negative news on its headlines. Next time, I will try to come up with posts projecting positivity. Anyways this is just a post mocking the hashtagged witter style trends. Will come up a another one shortly.



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