Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Let the bucks not go to Honeymoon

Its been quite long since I spent time writing anything...I was too lethargic to work on anything. Although I had compiled few drafts, none of them moved forward to be able to post them. Anyways am back with a new post.

Our movies do have biggest impact on our lifestyles, this is an undisputed fact. Especially the teen folks and early twenties folks have biggest influence on them. If asked for the favorite destination for honeymoon, we would refer to a famous movie song and say I wanna go there. What would be the obvious destination for honeymoon in Indian films....without a pause one would say "Swiss". Yes, Switzerland has been most sought after destination for our desi folks. We are smitten by the lush green hill slopes and snow capped hill tops...even our own Kashmir didnt cast that sort of magical spell but Swiss did. Thanks to the film makers, and I came to know therez a train route named after Yash Chopra (cant authenticate this one, but read it somewhere) and a Bollywood Cafe on a hill top as a tribute to our beautiful publicity. Interesting isn't it? 

So do you think only our people have got this honeymoon bug or something else of our origin has this tendency to be piled up there in the beautiful cold country?? Yes, our bucks are fascinated to spend their time off in the treasuries of most securely sealed lockers in the Swiss. Our folks have managed to transport all their black bucks safely to their most favorite destination. 

And our Modiji keeps promising that he wants to bring back the bucks from their honeymoons almost in every international confederation. Even in the recent G20 summit, he called for a close collaborations amongst nations to retrieve the black bucks. This is a mammoth task and for India to win back its unaccounted billions accumulated in Swiss treasuries...I am sure it takes no less than decade if all things fall in place. However ideal his promises and intentions might be, do you think that task is not going to put his own party men at stake?  And would they support him if that is the case? Questions are endless. And just today, a French guy has declared he has the data of Swiss account holders and is ready to help India to nab them. "A French digging Swiss soil to find Indians" Sounds alluring?

Why dont Modiji stop the newly wed bucks ready to go to their honeymoon instead of trying to bring back the already settled NRI bucks? It is rather easy to curb the current accumulation of disproportionate assets rather than digging in those who already have had them for a while...I am not saying let them free but don't let the new happen at least. Many politicians/business people are still planning for quick bucks and ditching the system for doing so. They aim to make as much as they can when the grass is greener on their side and immediately jump on the other side when its starts drying. If this is still let loose without any measures to curb, there will be more and more bucks going out for their honeymoons. You bring one and you send two...this is what will happen if the current systems cannot stop these practices. 

It is rather not surprising to know that a street side vendor can accumulate tons of money which will not have any accounts for the source of earning...sometimes it would not only be his white market dealings but also his other secret trades...but he gets away by bribing the local police patrol most of the time. By the time they find out the seriousness behind his trade, it would too late to bring back the tons he amassed. 

I personally witnessed such people with small business set ups making much better money than those who run industries. Why dont the government make a rule to register the small/petty businesses including the ones that are managed to be carried at/from home. Just because we can evade a few rupees, we should not prefer for items/services that are unaccounted for. There are many petty financiers who make millions in no time...there are no rules or regulations for their dealings...why should such activities be let free. If the government makes an easy and authentic process to register every small business just as one pay his bills at an e-seva would create an accountability. In order to sell, one needs to be identified and his nature of work be registered and taxed accordingly. 

I know my argument appears to be concentrating only on small scale vendors barring the big whales but they are also equally posing a threat to the development. In almost every dealing, our people got used to dealing part in white and part in black. This practice has to be heavily penalized or stringently punished to bring barely any change. At least then, we can stop our bucks to have Swiss dreams. 



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