Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Dear All,

Are you wondering why am I on a writing spree??? Past few days kept me very busy that I was not able to come out with some good posts. But, I have a news to share with you all. I was cribbing about my return until recently. Only after I could accomplish something, my senses were soothed. The something is what I have been waiting for, since last 1 and half year. Finally I see some positive light onto what I have been planning. While the accomplishment is that I could finish my first design-build project all by myself, the news is that my business venture will kick start very soon. More details can be found in my web page which will also be shared soon.
I will share my first project details on my web page but as of now, I want to leave some basic info about it. Its a commercial project, a corporate office branch in South India for one of the leading Japanese automotive test systems companies. 
Its quite exciting to sail in this phase but at the same time a little perturbed to get into a new arena which I never thought I would. 
Gearing up with a lot of inspiration inside, will definitely need more from you all...bring it on pleaseee!!!



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