Monday, May 28, 2012

All Hail 'Ash'

Hi Readers,

The buzz about Ash's weight gain has really got the best answer by what Ash chose to wear @ Cannes. I was never a fan of her's, but after her undaunted act...I can't stop admiring her. She proved that the haute couture are not only for those size zero women but also for the new mommies like her who still have the post pregnancy fat or in other words also for plus sized women. When the other celebrities who appear in Cannes are going gaga over the strict fitness regimes and ridiculous diet plans to loose all the fat and stay zero sized, she choose to say no and appear in her own skin. 
All these years, she stood as an epitome of beauty...,she became an adjective and a subjective reference for the term 'beauty'. At the media interaction, with the properly put across wise words, she boldly told the world, that its okay to be plus size and it is good to accept your own skin with dignity and poise. After all, she is a woman, a part of the nature, where change is inevitable, why should she be exceptional just because she is the shutter bag's favourite. 
Now, I hope all those woman out there who plan to shed all the weight even before heart fully enjoying the moments of motherhood, or shy away to show their extra weight and stop making public appearance unless n until all the fat is lost,...she gave a strong message to 'relax and dwell in those gained kilos accepting it as a phase of life'. She may not be giving a novel or completely new message, but in this generation, this is much needed dose. All Hail 'Ash'.
I personally loved Abu & Sandeep Khosla's designer saree with full sleeved blouse on her. She looked very elegant. What say?

Where as the designer gown which actually created ripples and tabloids called Ash gutsy is the one below.



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