Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Satyameva Jayate???

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With Aamir's advent into television, the small screen had added another feather into its cap. The program's positive intentions and bringing our burning problems to open discussion with no hype and hoopla must be credited. All three topics which were dealt in the program have been existing since long with no solution seen so far. After all, it is us who have to change more than implementing a paper solution. But how far have we changed???
Just after days the child sex abuse discussion was aired, newspapers report a 8yr old girl was raped and murdered by an unknown person in Bangalore. Just today there was a new report about a man hanging himself and his children unable to arrange funds for his daughter's wedding. Both of these were discussed, explained and put across properly so that even the laymen can also understand. In the 8yr old girl's case, since the culprit was not found, its not easy to boil down to solutions. But what about a father who could not pay off his daughter's wedding arrangement costs??? 
I see a lot of people who are so concerned about what other's think in our society. But, rarely do these others play a part in our lives. What we or our close bound family thinks/requires is more important rather than some random others opinions. It all depends on how we present our situation to the society. The taboos we have are too much that we don't talk even when it is required. Thanks to Aamir's show which is putting away the taboos and venting out openly.
I have written a piece about the big fat Indian weddings earlier which marks how the rich express their flamboyance to the peak in weddings.You have and you spend, is a case which has no issues. This case arises only when you don't have yet you are compelled to spend. Just because one can't afford an extravagant wedding affair, it doesn't mean that he/she loses his stature in the society. As long as you are comfortable hosting a simple affair and have to no regrets to keep it so,..none would dare to question against what you did. 
Coming to Child sex abuse...The same reason why it is not being curbed is that we don't come out and punish the offender. Often, we secure the kids but never stop the rascal who has committed the nonsense. We try and hide off the offender instead of declaring his deed. On top of our stupid beliefs, the show reveals that there are no proper laws in our constitution against this abuse. How sad??? 
We appreciate Aamir Khan for bringing out such show to us, but do we introspect and really implement from our end??? This remains a question to me until I see a dip in the cases mentioned above. 



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