Saturday, April 9, 2011

Featuring JooJoo

Hi fellas,

I might have to start a separate sister blog to segregate my posts. Everything in here looks like cluster. Even this post might be an odd one out when compared to the previous set. But, excuse me. I can't wait to share this with u my readers.
JooJoo is an Iranian artist that I have come across while browsing artworks last year. She is one of her kind. Her works range from miniature art to jewel making to calendar making to clay art. I was so amazed to see her precision. There is so much to learn and get inspired from this incredible artist. Hatsoff to you Ms.Afsaneh. She has a store place in JooJoo@Etsy in case if you want to buy her stuff. Gals, I bet u can't stop appreciating this beautiful art work. Take a look. Herez featuring one of her masterpieces "Duet"(click on it to check it out).



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