Saturday, April 9, 2011

What next???

Hi buddies,

After the 4 day fast by the 70year old Hazareji, what is the next move? Should we all happily rejoice that the demands were all promised to be satisfied. If so, our netas are known to break their promises. Himself not sure of the promise, Hazareji declared that he will hit back if appropriate action is not taken with in the timeline. But how long only a class or group of individuals will stand for billions of citizens? Is it not the responsibility for everyone of us to be clean of corruption. If we throw an insight into the roots of the corruption evil, we would definitely find common man responsible for larger portion of this knowingly and unknowingly. I have heard some activists stating that the politicians are only corrupt, we as individual citizens are clean and at least 90% of us are clean. I strongly feel it the other way. We only think we are not corrupt or whatever we do is very insignificant compared to the so called big scams and scandals happening in the country. If a very common person thinks his/her corrupted levels are very minor for his stage, a common politician also thinks his/her corrupted levels are also similar. Thus each one of us contributing to the total. So people lets practice to stop being corrupt. We are celebrating Hazareji's end of fast, but personally when will we celebrate the end of corrupt mindset that we all have. Everything and anything has become a reason for us to come on streets and celebrate. And not to forget and forgive the media which let its horses loose., crazily  asking innumerable question to the man who just finished ended his fast after 4 days. Give it a thought people. I personally believe that it is impossible to wipe out corruption just by marching on roads and shouting slogans. Lets not forget even the most remote level of corruption that we ignore is equally responsible to the biggest of scams. As long as the roots are not damaged, this evil tree still keeps  growing. So my dear fellow people, lets believe in individual sincerity and maintain integrity in achieving the same.



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