Sunday, April 3, 2011


Halloooooooo Friends,

Congratulations to Team India for a victorious win. Our men in blue made it! The entire nation is extremely proud and happy about the victory. If there is something that unites India in spite of caste and creed that is nothing but Cricket and as everybody say it is a religion which has no difference n discrimination between people. Cricket is our religion and Sachin is an undisputed God of this religion. Who wouldn't want to worship him. He has become an icon for hard work and a brand ambassador for humbleness. 
Its kinda euphoria everywhere, though I missed watching and enjoying the victory in India...its still is ceremonious. The Cup has brought great joy all over the world among Indians. All of us had a biggest reason ever to celebrate n I got my cake ready :)!
Hereby I dedicate this post to our Proud Team. Jai Ho! Wishing we win many more victories as this. 



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