Monday, April 11, 2011

One Spring Sunday...

Hello readers,

Yesterday was a super Sunday. Wanna know why??? on. 
Apart from all the larger than life goodies that London offers, I always hated the cold climate of the year. Fortunately, I stepped in the county after the chilling climate has took off. Now its spring time here and I don't have words to express how much it elates my soul. 
Following a friend's suggestion to make my good day great, I made a visit to the Columbia Road Flower market...I can't call it a market coz the euphoria was such. Absolutely loved the energy there. Spectacular collection of flowers, coolest country music, sweet n spicy street side snacks, handmade artworks, splendid variety of garden decors and of course the most beautiful n warm spring time. Everything contributed to my super Sunday. I enjoyed each and everything there. There were huge collection of tulips, roses, tropical bunches, cherry blossoms..oh what not. What I seriously regretted about was, forgetting to carry my cammy (camera) and had to adjust with my phone camera which was already dying out of charge. 
My best click..I guess :D
The street side musicals were a such a good treat to the visitors...they seemed like a background score for the souls to rejoice. The Chinese n Indian snacks alongside chilled beers served by the street vendors were in full demand. Once u are there, u can't escape from buying the lovely colorful bouquets and can't skip a smile to the vendor's humorous selling charms. n So did I. I bought a beautiful purple and white tulip bunches for a price that is generally never available at markets. Herez flaunting my clicks.
Welcome Strings :)
Yellow Yikes
Tropical bunch with velvety roses
rose is a rose is a rose
Brightest of all
Cherry Blossom stems..a new age corner decor
Purple tulip from my bunch
Coolest of all bands
 My fav musician

Hope u people liked them..not that they are all great but to just give a glimpse of what went on there n  to share another side of the city that I gotto explore. excusez moi for the unorganized roll of pics.  



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